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“NEOU has changed my life!! Thanks to the classes on the app and the support from the trainers I am healthier physically and mentally. I’ve always searched for that magic pill or special recipe and have always given up. NEOU has been the game-changer for me.”


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“I have been a part of NEOU for almost 2 years and I can't express enough just how much it has impacted my life. The wonderful trainers and their incredible workouts have helped me even on my absolute worst day! Thank you so much NEOU!!”


Member since 2019

“Simply put NEOU has brought me back to life after I had rotator cuff surgery. I didn’t regain all my mobility back after my shoulder surgery but once I discovered NEOU, I started taking yoga and mobility classes and I eventually regained just about all my mobility back and then confidence back to dive into some of the harder workouts. Now I’m over 70 pounds down (with more to go) and I am always excited to log into the app because I know after every class I take, I’ll be stronger, happier, healthier, more comfortable in my skin and more confident.”

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