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The strength training workouts on NEOU show you how to maintain and build strength at home, without the need for bulky gym equipment. Each instructor’s unique approach to programming will teach you how consistency and technique can improve muscular strength and endurance to burn fat, improve everyday body mechanics, and reduce the risk of injuries.


SHRED is functional strength and endurance training with a focus on proper form. Start each workout with a strength session, then pick up the pace with cardio-focused circuits or the infamous challenge (or both!). Dani will give you the confidence to pick up heavier weights and push to a higher intensity while keeping each class safe and fun.


Build strength and confidence with the help of celebrity trainer, Stan Kravchenko. ONEFIT classes target specific muscle groups with supersets and interval training to sculpt the body you’re looking for using bodyweight, dumbbells, and resistance bands. Stan’s Ukranian training style may not leave much time for rest, but his hilarious personality definitely brings the fun.

Bells Up

Lacee Lazoff, creator of Bells Up, is a kettlebell specialist here to teach you the technique of hardstyle kettlebell training. Each class begins with a bodyweight warm-up, then progresses through a sequence of intervals challenging your skill, strength, and endurance, building to a final sequence. Learn the art of kettlebells and how to combine strength, cardio, and stability into a single, fluid workout.

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