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Pilates + Barre

Strengthen your powerhouse with low-impact Pilates & barre classes on demand. From classical to contemporary and everything in between, NEOU has the top studios and instructors to guide your at-home workouts. Get an efficient and effective workout with no equipment necessary, or challenge yourself with props you already own.

Forme Barre

The Forme Method® barre class incorporates elements of classical ballet, yoga, Pilates, and strength training to activate muscles at their deepest level. Expect high repetitions, isometric holds, and the use of light weights, resistance bands, or just your bodyweight to achieve a long, lean, toned physique. No barre necessary for these at-home workouts!

Amanda Blauer Pilates

Amanda Blauer Pilates is a low-impact workout designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone from head to toe. Amanda combines classical Pilates and contemporary movement to improve posture, eliminate pain, and leave you feeling strong and energized. From beginner breakdowns to advanced and hard-core, each class can be tailored to your level or areas of focus.

ADF Fitness

Andrea Dusel-Foil’s barre and Pilates classes will empower you to build a strong, supportive body in a fun, judgement-free environment. Try a signature full-body workout, or target your core, back, glutes, legs, and arms with a series of efficient and effective short classes.

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