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Meditation + Mindfulness

At NEOU we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, and simple meditation and breathing techniques to improve stress, sleep, energy, and focus should be accessible to everyone. From guided meditation for beginners to body scans and breathing practices, the mindfulness instructors on NEOU will help you explore ways you can calm your body and mind.

Kat Fowler

We could all use a moment to de-stress, and Kat Fowler’s mindfulness classes are the perfect way to help you find relaxation and at peace. With 10+ years of experience, Kat’s program includes meditation for sleep, anxiety, beginners, and more, with sessions ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. Let the simple, guided breathwork inspire you to discover your highest self within.

The Journey

Restore, rejuvenate, and re-invigorate your body and mind with The Journey - a yoga and meditation program that’s all about appreciating the current path you are on and learning to trust your journey. Ceasar F. Barajas will teach you to tap into your powerful breath and find meditative stillness no matter what your skill level. Classes also include Vinyasa flows combining power and restoration to improve strength, lengthen the muscles, and promote recovery.

The Breathing Class

Clinical psychologist and leading expert in mental health and fitness, Dr. Belisa Vranich, is here to help you breathe. You may think that you’re breathing correctly, but you’re probably not breathing optimally. Learn how to inhale and exhale using the right muscles and the best part of your lungs in these short and informative breathing classes. The results: de-stress, sleep better, improve energy, and increase focus.

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