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Boxing + Kickboxing

Whether you’re looking to train with a professional fighter, burn calories, learn something new, or just blow off some steam, NEOU has everything you need to get a great at-home boxing workout. Learn more about some of the most popular classes with formats including bag work and technique, shadowboxing + HIIT, and cardio kickboxing.

Kick It

Kick It by Eliza is a 13-round cardio kickboxing and music-driven method for all levels. Challenge your body with rhythmic HIIT, cardio, punching, and kicking, then calm the mind with a meditative cooldown. Bring your energy and positive vibes for an epic and empowering sweat!


Throw those 1’s and 2’s in this dynamic boxing class with Elena Moffa. This three-part workout combines boxing (heavy bag or shadowboxing options given), strength, and conditioning movements to test your limits and improve your overall fitness. No boxing experience necessary - just a positive attitude and open mind!

Be Humble Movement

Kick, box, and move with professional MMA fighter and kickboxer, Jason Markland. With a variety of classes ranging from heavy bag work, shadowboxing, jump rope, and bodyweight strength and conditioning, Be Humble workouts will spike your heart rate and improve strength and stamina while also teaching you new skills and techniques.

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